WordPress plugins dequeueing #2

Contact Form 7 - Too many assets

Hey, it’s me again. If you don’t know what this post is about, you can read my first post. I explained everything there. Today we’re going to take a look at the Contact Form 7 plugin with over 5 million installs. Contact Form 7 – wp repository version 5.6.4 We can see that after plugin activation three […]

WordPress plugins dequeueing #1

Custom Twitter Feeds - We need to start somewhere

Plugins are very useful. You can create almost anything with them. The minor problem is that anyone can create a WordPress plugin but not everyone thinks about the PageSpeed of the site where it is used. For a while I’ve been working on speeding up websites and removing unnecessary scripts from plugins is one part […]

WordPress plugin development #1

the Idea

For the last 10 years I’ve been using GravityForms for every form integration in WordPress. I think it is one of the best plugins developed 🙂 But of course everything can have flaws. One of the problems for me with basic version of GravityForms are error messages. There are three options how to work with them. Leave […]

Offer unminified assets for debugging

Be nice to other developers ;D

During my study of WordPress plugins, I came across SearchWP Live Ajax Search. It contains short code that made me happy and I think every WordPress plugin should implement it. The code is very simple, but it does what I need. It offers plugin scripts in unminified version for debuging. Of course, plugins should load minified […]

PageSpeed: Background image lazyload

Hi my lazy (loading) readers 🙂 This is first of my short blog posts about increasing your page speed with some simple steps. Today we will talk about lazyloading background images. I think everybody know how lazyloading works, if not leave me a commect and I will create a post about that too. Lazyloading of […]